Welcome To 3JC

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What an amazing start to 2015 with a fantastic grade. The students have been so busy the past few weeks  getting used to new teachers, bigger classrooms, different buildings and many routines. We are so impressed with the way they are handling all the changes.

In particular we have really noticed the way that 3JC have gotten used to each other. They have really embraced our class motto of Together Everyone Achieves More. This was shown when the class voted on, putting the motto on our prayer cloth. It’s not quite finished, but isn’t it looking great?

Grade 3JC are doing their best to follow Jesus and to work as one to achieve more. Keep it up!



Science With Mr. Stewart

Last Wednesday all the Year 3 children had to tap into their scientific minds, while Mr. Stewart WOWED them with amazing experiments. During the incursion the students PREDICTED, RECORDED, OBSERVED and EXPLAINED. Some of the highlight were purple cabbage water testing acids/bases, water surface tension boat and static electricity. Thanks you Mr. Stewart you are amazing!



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Koorie Heritage Trust Excursion

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What an amazing day 3JB had. It started off by a train trip to Flagstaff station, then a sunny walk to the Koorie Hertitage Trust. Len, our guide, took us over to Flagstaff Garden where he showed us how the area was a meeting place for Aboriginal clans. He then showed us different artifacts that the Aboriginal people used for hunting and living.

The day was topped off with 3JB exploring Birrarung Marr (River of Mist). There the students read, sketched and began to understand how Melbourne and the Yarra River has changed.

Fitness Day

What an AWESOME morning the Year 3 children had today! Mr.C, Mr.K and 23 Year 12 students from Marcellin College provided the Year 3 students with an action packed morning of information, fitness and fun. The boys from Marcellin planned and organised 6 sports based rotational activities as well as providing the children with information on health and nutrition. For 2 hours the children ran, kicked, dodged and hit loving every minute of it. When the Year 3 students got back to the classroom they reflected on the morning by filling out a data chart on their 3 favourite sports and what body parts were used.

Thank-you Mr.C, Mr.K and the Marcellin boys for a fantantic day.

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Shrove Tuesday

Today 3JB with the help of Megan made pancakes to celebrate pancake Tuesday.

Pancake Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday is the day before Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday is the beginning of Lent. Shrove means Shrive and Shrive is to confess your sins (poor choices). In the olden days people gave up sweet yummy things for lent. So they used up their milk, butter and eggs by making pancakes. We still celebrate this tradition today.


Healthy Me Day

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On Monday the 24th of February we had a Healthy Me Day. We did yoga with Mrs. Stewart, had healthy food with Mrs. Jordan and Mrs. Tieppo and we also listened to music. Finally we drew our feelings with Miss Chiodi. 3 JB had a great time learning about new ways of how to be healthy. Our favourite parts of the day was the quiz, listening to Metallica, doing the tiger stand and  making lovely fruit kababs/juice.

Immersion Box

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What do a rugby ball, a pillow and a sud0ku book all have in common? Not sure, well 3JB were asked to think outside the box and find the common link to these items and more. Study the first picture in the slide show and see if you can work it out!

Inquiry Show Case

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What a wonderful afternoon we all had. Our whole school got to show case our Inquiry learning to our families. We had an opportunity to show how far we have come with our Discovery Learning and if we were able to answer our individual BIG question.